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Veida’s holistic approach to system design ensures we can present you with a range of solutions to address your energy and financial needs. Rest assured, Veida’s power stations are comprised of the highest quality products and hardware, tested and approved for Australian conditions. Our modular, scalable power stations and systems allow for expansion and additional technology integration, keeping you up to date with renewable energy developments of the future.


Veida undertakes detailed data analysis to provide valuable insight into the energy consumption of your business. We then present you with a solution designed to meet your site’s individual requirements and work with you to determine the best way to optimise your energy usage and combat the fluctuating, ever-increasing power costs of the current market. Optimise your existing energy supply and infrastructure through gradually implementing our renewable energy technology and techniques.

Veida’s strategic partnerships allow for fully funded projects and include membership to our client base, providing you with the opportunity for additional ‘group-savings’.

Renewable Farms

Experts in conceptual design, technology selection, GPS (grid projection systems) and project management, we consult with you to design and deliver a personalised, innovative and creative energy solution to suit your needs. Australia’s diverse landscape makes renewable power station integration unique to every project; our background in engineering puts us in prime position to manage and adapt the available technology to achieve your desired outcome. Our specifically-designed toolkit includes an accelerated pathway to work through development and grid connection approvals. Veida’s attention to detail and consistent communication enables you to feel confident and in control throughout the project.

Batteries & UPS

Veida works with you to determine the ideal technology selection to suit your energy storage requirements. Performing a feasibility on energy storage is a complex process so take advantage of our in-house modelling tool that provides a clear cost-benefit analysis for each solution open to you. Veida specialises in Diesel replacement and energy integrity solutions.

There is a vast range of energy storage technology available. Please contact us to discuss the unique needs of your site.

Our Packages

We determine the ideal system for your home by conducting an in-depth analysis of your individual consumption profile.

Veida Power On

  • The hardware is comprised of Solar PV Panels, framing and an inverter. Our modular design gives you the opportunity to expand your system and integrate with future technology.
  • After installation, Veida optimises the daily operation of your system by continuing to monitor your home’s ongoing consumption profile.

Veida Night Shift

  • Building on the ‘Power On’ package, the ‘Night Shift’ incorporates a Zcell battery with your ideal power control system, allowing you to shift excess day-time energy for night-time use.
  • The storage capacity can be expanded with multiple Zcells.
  • The Night Shift package is available for single and three phase homes.

Veida X

  • Building on the ‘Power On’ package, the ‘X’ incorporates a Supercapacitor with your ideal power control system, allowing you to shift excess day-time energy for night-time use, while also boosting available power for high demand times.
  • Whether you require a diesel generator, or a grid connection upgrade, we will help you find the ideal solution to your renewable energy needs.
  • Your storage capacity can be expanded with multiple Supercapacitor modules.
  • The Veida X package is available for single and three phase homes.

System Design

  • Data acquisition
  • Data amalgamation
  • Data analysis
  • Concept generation

Renewable energy implementation

  • Finance and Funding
  • System construction
  • Technology agnostic implementation.

Bespoke Engineering

  • Feedback
  • Future optimization
  • Operations and Maintenance

Veida will help you find the ideal solution to your renewable energy needs by guiding you through the following processes:

  • Site selection, including site feasibility and geotechnical studies.
  • Performing feasibility studies on grid scale renewable energy systems and analysing the potential energy yield and the constraint for the project’s location.
  • Submission of development approval plans, including depiction and explanation of the project.
  • Grid connection applications, facilitating a successful ‘handshake’ with local power lines.
  • System design and future-proofing.
  • Engineering sign-off to ensure the system is safe and operates at high integrity.
  • Operations and Maintenance.

Energy storage is a hot topic! While there is the potential for significant savings, it is important to determine the suitability of an energy storage system to your individual goals and purpose. Veida’s skilled engineers will work with you to analyse, justify and create the ideal storage system for your unique needs.

Why you’ll love Veida

Engineered not sold

Comprised of engineering specialists who also understand the importance of commercial feasibility, no project is too hard and each solution is tailored to our customer’s specific requirements.

Academic approach

We utilise our teams ability to analyse data and design system from first principals to tackle complex problems. Veida takes pride in our strategic and academic partnerships.

100% funding available

We provide third party venture groups with the confidence required to fund Veida’s projects for our clients.

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We’re engineers with a passion for renewable energy. Generate your own power with Veida’s fully customised solution, created to suit your individual energy needs.