Wholistic approach
to system design

Our approach ensures we can deliver a range of solutions to address specific energy needs, delivered on time and on budget. Veida’s power systems are built using the highest quality hardware and software, tested and approved for Australian conditions. Our modular and scalable power system designs allow for future expansion and the integration of new and alternative technologies as they emerge.

Veida products for your home

Introducing the Veida X & 3X

Premium residential energy systems.

The Veida X system includes a minimum of one Supercapacitor Module and a single-phase inverter/charger system. In comparison, the Veida 3X package is delivered with a three-phase inverter/charger system and a minimum of three energy storage modules. The components are all of the highest quality and meet all relevant Australian standards.

Whether single phase or three phase, our Veida X & 3X systems are fully scalable and modular, with the ability to add energy storage capacity and inverter modules over time.

Veida X Features

Uninterupted power supply

Power to your home stays on, even when your neighbourhood “blacks out.”

No chance of thermal runaway

The Supercapacitors we design into our systems for power storage will not combust, unlike alternative battery technologies that store energy in chemical potential. These other technologies also generated heat, both during charging and discharging, further compromising their performance.

Common Energy storage
across 3 phase systems

All power generated and stored by your system is equally available to all your power demands. This important 3-phase functionality is unavailable from other residential renewable power systems.

Supercapacitors have a much longer life
compared to alternative batteries currently
available for residential use

Veida’s Supercapacitors come with a 20-year warranty.

Local support and trouble-shooting
is easy using remote login software

You will be able to see the system at your fingertips in an app on your smart phone.

Supercapacitor module


3.5 kWh
100% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
Up to 20 year warranty
Scalable & modular configurations

Veida X

Single phase

If you are using between 5 and 30 kWh/day and operate on a single-phase, your electricity use is typical for an Australian home. If so, the most sustainable and future-proofed solution for you is likely a Veida X system.

Veida 3X

Three phase

If you are using between 30 and 250kWh/day and operate on three phases, you are an energy-intensive electricity user. In this case, the most sustainable and future-proofed solution for you is likely a Veida 3X system..

Veida's commitment to you

Veida is committed to designing a bespoke energy solution that best suits your needs. In order to achieve this outcome, Veida will work with you, your architect, and/or developer, to understand your needs and goals ensuring that we not only meet your goals and objectives, but also deliver a system that meets your sustainability, financial, and renewable goals.

Following the installation of your system, Veida offers 6 months of training and support for your selected package. This will enable you to learn how to get the best from your system and your home. Any support required following this period will be available for a small fee.