Unique approach.
Problem solved.

Veida’s team of experienced engineers, technicians, and industry experts take a unique approach to solving your power issues by working from first principals. Our suite of in-house design and feasibility tools means that no matter how challenging your project, Veida will design a unique solution to address your power needs.

Consultations and services

What we can do for you

Veida can provide the following services to assist you with the design and implementation of your renewable energy projects:

Full service energy audit

  • Data acquisition and analysis of power use
  • System design and solution creation
  • Feasibilities
    • economical
    • social
    • sustainability
    • environmental

Post installation

  • Choice of retailer
  • System monitoring
  • Fleet aggregation monitoring and telemetry
  • System management
    • Billing to customers
    • Compliance
    • Tenant management when selling power to tenants

System optimisation

  • Review of system performance
  • Upgrading your system when the time is right or your requirements have changed
  • Arbitrage energy storage that makes you money!
  • Revenue stacking with ancillary energy market services such as:
    • Frequency response
    • Network services
    • Demand charge reduction
    • Market hedging

All made possible through
our undying search for
the very best

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At Veida, research and development is key to keeping up to date with new and alternative technologies, giving us the ability to provide the best solutions to the power challenges faced by our clients. Innovation is consistently at the forefront of our minds, and we are extremely proud of our team and the tools we have developed to meet our clients needs.

Veida's commitment to you

Veida is committed to designing a bespoke energy solution that best suits your needs. In order to achieve this outcome, Veida will work with you, your architect, and/or developer, to understand your needs and goals ensuring that we not only meet your goals and objectives, but also deliver a system that meets your sustainability, financial, and renewable goals.

Following the installation of your system, Veida offers 6 months of training and support for your selected package. This will enable you to learn how to get the best from your system and your home. Any support required following this period will be available for a small fee.