Commercial and industrial
power systems

Veida are experts at deciphering your mechanical and electrical data in order to provide you with bespoke and renewable solutions to your power needs. We also take the time to understand the site from a holistic perspective, ensuring that every aspect of the site is properly understood so that we can provide you with the optimal outcome.

Veida commercial and industrial products and services

Creative solutions. Wide range of applications.

Veida provides innovative solutions for commercial and industrial properties that can provide a myriad of advantages to a wide range of business types.

Green and Brown Field Residential
and Mixed-use Developments

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  • Reduce sunk costs for electrical infrastructure
  • Design and implement of state-of-the-art micro-grids which can provide tenant/owner incentives and additional revenue from the sale of electricity
  • Increase the value of their properties
  • Power entire communities with clean, renewable energy increasing sales to help cover development costs
  • Achieve higher sustainability ratings
  • Add to your reputation by being a world leader in energy trading between homes and businesses
  • Provide cheaper power to tenants and strata-titled owners
  • Provide electrical vehicle sharing and charging
  • Have more control over power use within their development to optimize revenue and drive greater value
  • Realise significant savings in ESD (engineering sustainability and design) requirements

Large format retail

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  • Ensure that your assets achieve the highest power efficiency possible, using both passive and active strategies
  • Provide your property managers with new information about power consumption enabling them to make better decisions
  • Create local energy networks for aggregated savings and energy price hedging
  • Attract more environmentally conscious customers
  • Improve the thermal performance of your assets
  • Generate new revenue from local energy production and potentially grid services

Shopping Centers

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  • Provide property managers with new data for optimising energy use across assets
  • Create a local energy network to delivery cheaper power
  • Improving the centers’ thermal functioning
  • Create shaded areas with solar panels
  • Design and install electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Reduce the need for substation and transformer upgrades
  • Provide power security through back up storage, in lieu of diesel generators
  • Generate new revenue from local energy production and potentially grid services

Irrigated and Non-irrigated Agriculture

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  • Reduce or eliminate need for costly grid connections
  • Replace diesel generators and their running costs while reducing noise and noxious fumes
  • Convert farm vehicles to electric drives and save money and inconvenience of purchasing and handling transport fuels
  • Provide cheap power to all other power needs on-farm including refrigeration, drying, heating, welding, etc.


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  • Reduce your carbon footprint and sell sustainable vacations to your clients
  • Be seen to be a modern and innovative destination
  • Reduce your power costs especially at off-grid locations while reducing local noise and air pollution
  • Electrify your vehicle fleet and minimise disruption to visitors

Business parks

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  • Create a renewable power network and deliver up to 20% savings to tenants
  • Help your tenants achieve carbon neutrality
  • Provide quality data to tenants to enable better decision making

Community power systems

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  • Share power and associated savings through your community
  • Help reduce the carbon footprint of your community
  • Empower your community by taking control of its energy supply
  • Help fund community development through the sale of electricity to the community and back into the electricity grid

Cold storage

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  • Improve the thermal performance of your assets
  • Remove costs associated with running and maintaining compressors and associated plant
  • Reduce your network charges and electricity costs


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  • Reduce costs for diesel and costly gird connections
  • Convert of fleet vehicles to electric drives to improve costs and improve working conditions for you employees
  • Plan for mine retirements by using the land to produce clean energy for export and local use.

Car charging infrastructure

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  • Offset the need for infrastructure upgrades including substation and transformer upgrades.
  • Establish billing systems for users with the option of having Veida manage billing and the system
  • Solar-shaded parking

Veida's commitment to you

Veida is committed to designing a bespoke energy solution that best suits your needs. In order to achieve this outcome, Veida will work with you, your architect, and/or developer, to understand your needs and goals ensuring that we not only meet your goals and objectives, but also deliver a system that meets your sustainability, financial, and renewable goals.

Following the installation of your system, Veida offers 6 months of training and support for your selected package. This will enable you to learn how to get the best from your system and your home. Any support required following this period will be available for a small fee.