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More than solar

Veida has a passion for renewable energy.
VEIDA specialises in designing and delivering innovative and creative energy solutions, focused on customised outcomes. Our team are experts in conceptual design, technology selection, GPS (grid protection systems), project management, and much more. Veida will facilitate your energy empowerment, independence and sustainability.

A key innovation of the renewable power systems that Veida designs, supplies, and installs is our exclusive use of supercapacitor energy storage systems. Supercapacitors are superior to lithium-ion batteries across a wide range of critical performance and ESG metrics.

Committed to the ongoing development of new technology

At Veida, research and development is key for keeping up to date with new and alternative technologies, giving us the ability to provide the best solutions to the power challenges faced by our clients. Innovation is consistently at the forefront of our minds, and we are extremely proud of our team and the tools we have developed to meet our client’s needs.

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Our services include


Veida knows that energy usage at home can grow for many different reasons; Veida’s systems can grow with you. Our modular systems enable you to add capacity and integrate additional technologies as your needs change.

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Commercial and industrial

Veida takes the time to rigorously analyse data to understand your energy use, and the best way to deliver unmatched optimisation and savings.

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Consulting and services

With over 100 years of combined engineering and academic experience, Veida understands the energy market & the different technologies and strategies available. We draw from our unique data sets and knowledge to provide best-in-class advice and solutions to our clients.

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Case Studies

Selected projects

September 10, 2018


September 10, 2018


September 10, 2018




Trusted Clients

Veida’s service was unparalleled because the team’s knowledge surpassed all other competitors. Haim took the time to share his extensive knowledge clearly and in great detail, so we felt comfortable and in control at all times. They were the only operator able to provide the system we required to achieve the outcome we were hoping for. We are ecstatic with our system and, despite our summer consumption of almost 150Kw/day, our 20Kw of solar provides us with an average saving of 80%p.a.

Residential home3 storeys, cinema room, sauna, steam room, Malvern

Veida was able to provide significantly more insight than any of the other services we encountered. Their operations team was instrumental in reducing the grid supply to the embedded tenancies by 30%+. We are continuously blown away by their responsiveness to the most minute inconsistencies in production. They were fair, clear and didn’t hide any unexpected costs. We are beyond happy with our power station and look forward to future expansion coupled with energy storage.

Shopping CentreAlexandra Hills, Brisbane

We contacted Veida after a horrible situation with the original installation ‘completed’ on our brand-new home. The system didn’t work for the first six months and, after our patience grew thin with the original company, we decided to look elsewhere. Veida were highly recommended and appealed to us because they are engineers. They conducted a system audit and found significant faults and dangers. Their service was fabulous – they were able to reinstall the system within three days. We are now saving money and happily enjoying the benefits of solar. We look forward to the future expansion of our system to include Veida’s battery solution.

Residential homeBeaconsfield PRD

Veida provided us with a quote and system design that no-one else could. I look forward to being the exclusive owner of a 3-phase collar system with a common battery for all three phases. Veida’s experts were also able to design a floating roof structure to mate with our bespoke membrane roof. No damage, no penetration, no fuss. We are very excited to complete our build and enjoy the rewards of energy independence.

Residential homeCaulfield North

Veida were a delight to work with. They took the time to understand our energy needs as well as our personal needs. We now have a large battery which saves us money and also provides support to an essential breathing device that helps me to sleep at night.

Residential homeCaulfield South

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Why you’ll love Veida

Engineered in collaboration

Comprised of engineering specialists who also understand the importance of commercial feasibility, no project is too hard and each solution is tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

Academic & practical approach

Veida’s teams tackle complex problems using detailed data analysis and system designs based on first principles. Veida takes pride in our strategic and academic partnerships.

Project funding

Vieda can assist you in accessing venture capital for your project through our extensive networks and by giving potential funders the confidence required to fund Veida designed and delivered projects.

How can we help you?

Veida has a passion for renewable energy. Generate your own power with a Veida fully customised solution, designed to solve your individual energy needs.