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At Veida we provide the ideal financial structure through our extensive comprehension and expertise in technology and economics. Our team are best placed to educate our clients on how to achieve the largest ROIs (returns on investment).

The Current Climate

Investment in renewables has been growing steadily. The CEC (clean energy council) claims that 2017 is set to be a huge year for large-scale solar initiatives, with an unprecedented level of activity under way. 14 large-scale solar projects are either under construction or moving to construction this year, creating 1890 jobs and $2.3 billion of investment. These investments are typically made by new entrants.

Connecting you to the market

We connect our clients with the best options for funding, to ensure that you see the best ROI for your personal goals. We facilitate a PPA (power purchase agreement), assuring a concrete return every year with predictable income from the system. We ensure that your project finds an energy off-taker (buyer), before you start construction and facilitate financing arrangements for the smaller commercial projects who wish to fund the project through operational expenditure. Veida illuminate the ideal financial structure, to ensuring that those with project control are able to maximize their ROI and provide an Australian Market Analysis, specifically tailored to your project and detail a potential renewable energy investment portfolio.

Our team - Your Needs

Veida’s financial structure advisory team is there to walking you through the best option for your project. We have an extensive list of funding partners, both nationally and internationally to match you with the best options for making your project a reality.
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Veida holds extensive practical knowledge of all commercial aspects of power, and energy storage infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Contact Us to find out more.