We make the hard look easy

Our degree qualified engineers employ practical and commercial knowledge in renewable energy, electrical engineering and project management as well as collaborating in the energy and renewables industry through key body organisations and committees.

Communication and Implementation

Veida makes the hard look easy. We seamlessly integrate the technical discourse behind the scenes to ensure that our clients are presented with solutions that are simple and logical. We are able to provide our clients with quality and personalised engineering services. Veida ensures all connection protocols, run smoothly, on budget and to the network providers specifications. Valuing electrical design as an important part of the projects validity. We deliver in depth system architecture designs to be supplied to network providers and maintenance and troubleshooting teams and ensuring smooth integration of renewables tailored to your needs. Working with your building team to indemnify reliable system architecture and implementation.


We employ our extensiveness knowledge of various technologies and their output profiles so that system performance uniquely matches your energy consumption profile. Geo-technical reports are prepared to ensure the land and soil quality maintains its integrity after system installation. Utilisation of our DAQ (data acquisition) for sites with multiple generation possibilities providing accurate resource prediction for the area, creating the opportunity for renunciation of government meteorology monitoring stations in the area. Our process ensures that the system we build has the performance outlined by our rigorous customer data acquisition process so that our clients are informed and in control of their power.


Our engineers are forward thinking and innovative experts in renewable energy, focused on imparting out knowledge and proficiencies to all our clients to help them make informed decisions tailored to suit their needs.
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We personalise sustainable energy and efficiency plans and projects tailored to your needs and are persistently committed to providing you with knowledgeable, credible and professional consulting.