Veida are breaking down the barriers

between industry and academia

Veida are the pioneers in the research, design and development of renewable system strategies. We believe in maintaining strong ties with our academic partners and work closely with universities in the exchange of innovative developments in technology, science and the renewable energy sector.


VEIDA are currently working with academic institutions to cultivate a means of integrating research and development in our field with PHD programmes, linking our projects as pioneers in the exaction of theory and technological science.

Personalised Projects

We work with our University partners to ensure all our systems are designed from first engineering principles. All our design specifications are supported by theoretical and practical engineering academia and our expertise are uniquely tailored to each project.

Pride in Partnership

Veida are forward thinking and innovative experts in renewable energy, focused on expanding our knowledge and expertise and contributing to the innovation and development of the renewable energy sector.
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Veida holds extensive practical knowledge of all commercial aspects of power, and energy storage infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Contact Us to find out more.