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At Veida, we are in the business of changing the world first, and making money second. Our goal is the implementation and showcase of customized high performance power systems.

Personalized Servicing

Choosing the right consultant can be integral for ensuring your funds are spent well. Our consultants provide terrain specific site potential analysis to identify all available potential technologies, with geo-specific attributes. We employ technologies that predict output, assess potential ROIs and provide data to off takers. Our experts liaise with your marketing team to develop the ideal renewable energy showcase.

Our Model

Veida delivers feasibility modelling, to insure that your system is profitable and represents an ideal ROI. Our consultants impart financial structure advice and transparency to ensure our clients are optimizing their projects structures ensuring optimum ROIs. We pride ourselves on our unwavering integrity and will to do the best of our clients and not ourselves.

Pride in Partnership

Veida’s sustainable energy consultants partner with you to impart our extensive knowledge in research, design and implementation of renewable energy.
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Veida holds extensive practical knowledge of all commercial aspects of power, and energy storage infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Contact Us to find out more.