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Construction of a site or system can be a daunting task. Most systems require multiple parties to be involved in its construction. Regardless of project size we are able to provide support and supervision for seamless construction and integrations.


Our experts facilitate land survey, to ensure that the systems structural integrity is on par with what the geo-specific site can withstand. We oversee all aspects of the construction and commissioning of a system and ensure all slabs, trenching, electrical connections and technology installations are completed according to AS (Australian standards). Veida facilitates project rollout management and all permitting needed in order to deliver the project.

Our local values

Veida ensures a local construction and maintenance workforce is implemented, to support local employment opportunities. We believe in a personalized service that utilizes the adaptation of your system to its specific climate. The value of having a tailored system means it works in harmony with your environment, its orientation captures the optimum amount of sunlight that falls on your property creating the energy you need to sustain a balanced and efficient lifestyle.

Cost-Effective, Efficient and Durable

The construction process can seem overwhelming and subject to excessive un-necessary costs. At Veida we deliver cost-effective, seamless facilitation and construction for all your energy needs.
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Veida holds extensive practical knowledge of all commercial aspects of power, and energy storage infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Contact Us to find out more.