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Using only the highest quality components, tested and approved for Australian conditions, Veida designs and integrates state of the art energy solutions.
We are comprised of a young group of dynamic, well versed experts in the field of renewable energy economics, asset financial structure, trends, design and technology specification. Our unique approach to energy efficiency and commitment to developing life changing technology, is why we have been labelled as the future of renewables in Australia.

Our partners

We partner with the leading suppliers in technology, clean energy and financing to ensure all our projects are efficient, innovation and future proof.

Help create a bold new world

Clean Energy

Our technology makes clean power sources an easy and efficient choice. Renewable energy reduces the reliance of greenhouse gas producing power. Veida’s renewable energy aims to offset the individual and global carbon footprint.

Low power bills

Veida’s renewable energy system is a financial investment that will reduce the cost of living. Veida’s innovative technologies ensure to significantly reduce running costs. Renewable energy solutions not only cut the cost on electricity bills but add value to your property.

Holistic design

Veida ensures a uniquely tailored system, integrating innovative technology and design with our client’s personal surroundings. This ensures your system works in harmony with your environment and significantly reduces costs.

Ahead of the Game

we endeavour to be ahead of the game in technology selection, integration, design and control. Our future proof system designs are what set us apart. We are able to provide the most effective systems design and outcome for your needs, taking a hands on approach to understanding your goals and making them a reality.
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Veida holds extensive practical knowledge of all commercial aspects of power, and energy storage infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Contact Us to find out more.