When approaching utility scale design, it is important to have a library of modular systems designs. At Veida, we provide Pre Feasibilities. As opposed to a development plan or a feasibility study which may cost $100,000’s, our modular designs allow us to provide very quick system cost and output predictions for less than a 10th of the cost.
Included in these designs we provide a rubric for successful project implementation. This allows our clients to better grasp the implications of utility scale project well before they have made significant commitments.

Modular system design

Modular system pricing

Modular technology integration

Diesel replacement ready

Optimized energy generation to reduce the need for exce$$ive energy storage.

Unique Attributes

Our Modular approach means that we are able to rapidly design and deploy our systems in the field with reduced design and calculation times. We take pride in our world class technology suppliers and integrators, without them such advanced design may not be possible.

Our Modular; Battery, Wind, Hydro and solar systems work harmoniously together to provide the optimal system output profile needed for the energy off taker, consumer of network providers.