With today’s energy security, rise in cost and poor reliability we sought to find an ideal candidate to represent what the home of tomorrow will look like. Our designs utilize the grid as strictly back up. This primary source of power for the homes is a 20Kw Pv array coupled with 3 Zcell home batteries capable of a supplying 3 phase power.

Cantebury (VIC)


20Kw Peak (PV) output

30Kwh @ 15Kw peak output energy storage (3 Zcell’s)

Grid Back up

3 stories/ elevator/ 4 zones (heating and cooling)

Projected system payback, sub 5 years

Unique Attraction

Up to date this will represent the largest residential Zcell Install in Australia. This motivation was to showcase the potential of a full power system at the residential scale. While all other energy companies on the market are locking people in to useless system sizes and designs, Veida is dedicated to engineering excellence and reliability.

This project will be commissioned this May and will represent the potential for micro Islanded homes. Energy supply is an essential service, we were able to insure that this development will have reliable power for the next 15 years, despite what policy or network changes are made.