Renewable Energy

Re Wired

VEIDA specialises in designing and delivering innovative and creative energy solutions. Providing personalised consultations and premium quality components, tested and approved for Australian conditions, Veida is at the centre of energy empowerment.

Flipping the switch on energy innovation

Veida prides itself on pioneering the delivery of renewable energy with leading technology selection, integration, design and control. Veida provides extensive knowledge of all commercial aspects of energy storage, infrastructure acquisition, planning, development, construction and operation. Our dynamic experts are committed to delivering personalised renewable energy solutions from consultation to operation and beyond.

Our area of expertise


Choosing the right consultant is integral for ensuring energy empowerment. Veida’s team is comprised of a young group of dynamic, well versed experts in a variety of fields. We provide personalised consultation to explore your problems and deliver creative energy solutions to suit your budget.


We are breaking down the barriers between industry and academia. Veida maintain strong ties with our academic partners and work closely with universities in the exchange of innovative developments in technology, science and the renewable energy sector.


Our team are experts in the engineering field. We seamlessly integrate the technical discourse behind the scenes to ensure that our clients are presented with solutions in a way that’s simple, logical and easy to understand. We pride our ourselves on delivering efficient and innovative engineering to your renewable projects.


We take the stress out of deciding what components to purchase and why. Our technology agnostic principles allow us to transcend the typical sales pitch. We provide our customers with the information to make informed decisions and retain control over their projects. Our expert knowledge allows us to contrast and compare technologies with specific considerations for our client’s site.


At Veida we go through a rigorous vetting process so that our clients don’t have to. All projects are supervised by Veida’s chief design engineer and our team of specialist systems integrators, construction managers and trades. We liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a seamless integration, providing a clear blueprint for construction with clear instruction for all trades and managers.


Veida plan’s for the future so you can live a stress free present. Our financial structure advisory team is proficient in walking you through the best option for your project. We have an extensive list of funding partners, both national and international to match you with the best options for making your project a reality.

Technology is at the heart of what we do

Veida’s technology specialists scour the world in a never ending pursuit of the best technology. Our technologies have been carefully selected to account for climate, economics, maintenance, system throughput, post system install “plug and play” and safety reassurance.

Our partners

We continue to team up with industry leadears and innovators

Ready to be unplugged

We believe that the only way forward as a society is together. Contact us to discuss all your energy ideas with the experts in the field. With Veida, you’ll have the power to power.

Ready to be unplugged

We believe that the only way forward as a society is together. Contact us to discuss all your energy ideas with the experts in the field. With Veida, you’ll have the power to power.

Help create a bold new world

Clean Energy

Our technology makes clean power sources an easy and efficient choice. Renewable energy reduces the reliance of greenhouse gas producing power. Veida’s renewable energy aims to offset the individual and global carbon footprint.

Low power bills

Veida’s renewable energy system is a financial investment that will reduce the cost of living. Veida’s innovative technologies ensure to significantly reduce running costs. Renewable energy solutions not only cut the cost on electricity bills but add value to your property.

Holistic design

Veida ensures a uniquely tailored system, integrating innovative technology and design with our client’s personal surroundings. This ensures your system works in harmony with your environment and significantly reduces costs.